Manga wierdness - HP slash..??

I'm reading this manga from called "Hana no mizo shiru" and while reading chaper 7 or 8, I saw this little bit and the two guys remind me of Harry and Draco...even thought that if you guys check out the manga, you're gonna say WHAAA?!?! yeah I weird but what can you do..? I thought you HP slash fans would like to see this pic

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I feel like i'm seeing Paul...a little bit...

I've been watching this anime in called "Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun", and one of the characters in the anime is a girl named Kashima o_o, I know it's kinda weird...but when I saw her for the first time in the anime, all I could think of was it looks like Paul...@_@. She is very charming with other girls o_o lmaoo xD so yeah...kinda reminded me of Paul...I don't know :/

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The World Wars - opening scene

I don't know if any of you are fans of WWI and WWII documentaries and stuffs like that, but when i found out that History Channel was gonna put this new mini series "The World Wars", i really got excited and now i'm obssessed with it. I google it and save any pics about it and also, the actor in the series that has the role of "Young Adolf Hitler", he is wow...o_o, his name is Maximilian Klas, he's german. *sighs* @_@. I also saw the extended version of it in H2 and it was even better. There were new characters too :D

The opening song and scene of The World Wars is awesome :D

Can't get enough of the song ^_^