Fic request

I would like your help in finding this fic i read a while back; I don't remember if i read it here or in wattpad but if anyone have hear of this fic, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for your help!

It's about John and Cyn in the early days before they got married. From what i remember, Cyn gets pregnant and John finds out but Cyn doesn't want to get married because she feels that she's going to become a burden for John especially because at this time, John is starting to get famous and if the public finds out that he's gonna get married and with a child on the way, it's gonna affect his fame. So Cyn decides to leave England and moves to Canada on a boat with his mother i think. Cyn tells his best friend Phyl that she's moving and to not tell John where she is. So then Cyn gives birth to Julian and then this is where i'm not too sure if Cyn goes to the US and the Beatles also go to the US as well on a tour and then Cyn and Julian meet Mal or Neil in the elevator or something like that. So i think he tells John that he saw Cyn and his baby and John wants to see them but Cyn is kinda reluctant. So they meet and Cyn tells John the reason of leaving but in the end, they agree to become a family.

Manga wierdness - HP slash..??

I'm reading this manga from called "Hana no mizo shiru" and while reading chaper 7 or 8, I saw this little bit and the two guys remind me of Harry and Draco...even thought that if you guys check out the manga, you're gonna say WHAAA?!?! yeah I weird but what can you do..? I thought you HP slash fans would like to see this pic

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I feel like i'm seeing Paul...a little bit...

I've been watching this anime in called "Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun", and one of the characters in the anime is a girl named Kashima o_o, I know it's kinda weird...but when I saw her for the first time in the anime, all I could think of was it looks like Paul...@_@. She is very charming with other girls o_o lmaoo xD so yeah...kinda reminded me of Paul...I don't know :/

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